Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Bifurcation of the Anarchical Mind

Bifurcation of the Anarchical Mind

anarchy : from the Greek:  un (no government) authority  bifurcation - to split in two

For some five thousand years, protected from barbarians by its Great Wall, Chinese culture flourished by dividing the progression of social consciousness between birth and death, into a natural hierarchy of four, twenty one, year phases.

  1. 0 - 21 years – Student
  2. 21 – 42 years – Servant
  3. 42 - 63 years - Teacher
  4. 63 – 84 years – Sage

By educating each child to mature within an ordered system of government that gave each individual a clear sense of self in relation to the collective whole, it allowed the entire culture to mature peacefully and arrive at a collective sense of sageness.

And so it was for fifty dynasties, while the barbarians in Europe wore bearskin cloaks, ate with their fingers and got drunk on mead, the Chinese wore silk gowns, played chess, drank tea from porcelain and spooned rice delicately with chopsticks.

Chinese order was finally upset when barbarians from Europe, who had developed advanced technologies, breached the Wall and clouded the Chinese psyche with opium. Within one generation the simple formula of how to conscientiously administer a civilized society vanished from the world view.

So the trillion dollar question is:
Exactly how and why did the House of Mongol institute an harmonious social formula for administering a peaceful society, while the anarchical, warring House of Aryan did not?

The answer, I believe, lies in how the intuitive art of interpreting Chinese characters, as opposed to the technological analysis of alphabetic grammar, impacts on the left and right sides of the student brain.


The scholastic practice of prematurely indoctrinating the analytical half of the child mind with predigested text-book technology before it has a chance to balance both sides of the brain and learn how to draw reason from life experience has lead to an insidious pseudo-intellectual adoption of anarchical conviction.

The illusion of being made worldly knowledgeable via analysis alone, with in no further need of supervision has proved highly seductive to the teenage psyche.

This artificially induced presumption of wisdom, culled by children from written texts, has sub-consciously infected the adult rationales of every philosopher since the time of the early Greeks. Their pseudo-intellectual rationales on the analysis of human behavior; argued and contradicted among themselves over the centuries; have, in turn, influenced and revolutionized national governments across the planet for the past twenty five centuries.

In various forms of adaptation anarchical philosophical conclusions have formed the false foundation of  all existing political ideologies, including; monarchies, theocracies; self-determination; independence; democracy; republicanism; capitalism; communism and socialism.

The net result of their immature presumptions has resulted in endless revolutions of thought, conflicting arguments and increasingly dangerous wars, leading to the present hubris of potential species annihilation via weapons of mass destruction – not to mention a polluted global environment.

In short. The collective psyche of mankind has been stalled in a teenage mode of immature rebellious thought and action since the time of Socrates. We drive fast cars. chase fast women, engage in adultery and promiscuity, divorce, child neglect, domestic violence. We gamble with our inheritance on stock exchanges, pollute our work place; run lotteries; play Russian roulette with nuclear guns, and tell the Father God to shove it.

Underlying our hubris and competitive bravado is an inherent sense of self doubt of the teens, which has manifested in idolization and the superficial worship of material success in both the social and spiritual spheres. For the teen, message is immaterial, image is everything. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna are all idolized as man-gods. Instead of listening to and obeying the social wisdom that defines love and respect for neighbor, revealed by the son of a humble carpenter, since his death over one hundred million pagans, witches, Jews, Muslims and native peoples have been murdered or enslaved in the name of Christ. Crusades, Inquisitions and Jihads have dogged every step of our way.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A mutual beneficial interaction of dissimilar organisms

The Immoral Nature of the Profit Motif

All transactions between plant and animal life on this planet
are based on a delicate ecological balance of give and take
that is of mutual benefit to all three billion specie
who contribute to the symbiosis

this interactive balance between organisms cannot be sustained indefinitely
if any one specie decides on its own account
to extract from Nature
more than it returns

For a profit to be made
something else has to loose
and when the world ecology is delicately balanced on symbiosis
the selfishness of one specie
creates a catastrophic domino effect on the entire system

the question capitalism faces today
while training seven billion humans
to individually extract a profit out of every transaction
is not if that ideology will lead us to eventual species extinction
but how soon it will happen

Saturday, July 06, 2013



Assumed as a democratic principle that allows everyman the opportunity to accumulate excessive material wealth
in practice it is a monopolistic extension of Iron Age feudalism
where the profit motive has become an altar to a false idol
It exploits natural resources and cheap human labor, concentrating the wealth of common effort in fewer and fewer hands.
It is fundamentally an immoral ideology that desecrates the sharing ethic which is the foundation of creative intelligence.
It requires ever-increasing legislation and policed oversight and is therefore doomed to self-destruct via bankruptcy

(for a more in-dept examination of the pros and cons of modern sociopolitical and religious ideologies
see Psyche-Genetics available free on line an EBook)

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Home-Schooling the HeartStart way

The HeartStart Dual Brain Home-School Program is designed to apply special right and left brain stimulation techniques that allows a child to gradually access by puberty, tens of thousands of generations of ancestrally-stored genetic information.

Once this door to the inner genius is opened, the student, in essence, then tutors itself all the way to high school graduation. The only professional text-book resources needed is available on the internet. This means that any parent, regardless of their own education level, can keep their children in the home, concentrate on the family values of sharing and caring and a good work ethic, share their own life experiences, and leave academic mastery to the eager student.

Thursday, June 27, 2013



All the disharmony on the planet
boils down to competition
instead of cooperation
between the atomic dynamic
of male and female principles

an unbalanced harmonic
between the negative and positiver polarities
of atomic consciousness
distorts mating instincts
leading to mismatched marriages
which upset family values
the fundamental choir of social harmonics

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bees & The Collective Consciousness

An individual bee is a marvelous creature
an amazing aviator
it enjoys vastly impressive  sharing and work ethics
it is a lethal warrior ready to sacrifice its life instantly for a larger cause
it buzzes around from one flower to the next
vibrantly conscious of its individual self
drinking nectar and collecting pollen
but ultimately
as an individual life
little more than a meaningless insect curiosity
of little purpose to the greater cosmic scheme of things

but when it lends its individual consciousness
to the collective consciousness of the hive
its tiny ego expands exponentially ten thousand fold
tho it remains an individual
it is now sharing in an infinitely greater sense of Cosmic purpose
seeing itself as a vital contributory missionary
in the on-going evolution of Consciousness
pollinating fields and jungles
and producing the sweet honey of existence

if only the majority of individual humans
realized the meaningless nature of their private appetites
 stop buzzing around selfishly
and reconnect with the collective consciousness
their individual awareness and enjoyment in life
would be magnified exponentially
and our specie's cosmic purpose would be well served

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Star Love

Star Love

Every Atom in the Cosmos consciously radiates an electromagnetic frequency
When atoms fuse
their two frequencies engage consciously in an harmonic
When multiple atomic elements harmonize in association
they orchestrate a symphony of increasingly complex consciousness

Organic  consciousness is a complex  orchestration of multiple atomic elements

Human consciousness is the most complex symphony on our planet
we are an harmonic of multiple atomic elements
Oxygen     65 %
Carbon    18 %
Hydrogen     10 %
Nitrogen     3 %
Calcium     1.5 %
Phosphorus 1.2 %
Potassium     0.2 %
Sulfur    0.2 %
Chlorine     0.2 %
Sodium    0.1 %
Magnesium 0.05 %
Iron, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Iodine     <0 .05="" br="" each="">Selenium, Fluorine     <0 .01="" br="" each="">
Human consciousness is kept alive by calories of sunlight
radiated by the Star which birthed us
The electromagnetic spectrum of harmonic frequencies
consciously radiated by our Sun
broadcasts a symphony of light, life and love